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What Makes Us Happy?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    What makes us grow older and forget the things that made us happy as a youth? We used to laugh and play. There were times when we would cry and learn to be comforted. Then when we got older we told ourselves or were made to believe that these were childish things. We gave away our dolls and toy cars in an effort to prove our maturity. And with every change our childish gaiety vanished and the bitter strivings of adulthood took over.
I took on an observation of what might make children the happiest. It was difficult to observe without causing others alarm. I watched 3 little deaf children in a 3rd world country discuss all the many uses of a napkin. They laughed at the thought of it falling on the floor, tearing in two, or being caught up by the wind. When the snacks came around and they found their napkin empty once again, one of them encouraged the others to save it so that in case more snacks where offered they would still have their napkin handy. Sure enough the hostess came with more snacks and the children were so pleased they still had their napkin. Why can’t we remember the joy of such realizations when we get older? If it were me and I received something that would help me in life such as a napkin, I would begin to become anxious over how I might lose it, break it, or someone else might take it. Then I might use it unscrupulously and before you know it, wasted my precious possession to my demise. Instead, why not laugh at the mere beauty of having something and cherishing it, no matter how small, as if it were an inheritance.

What makes you happy dear reader? I would love to hear your comments.