What does Romance mean to you?

Remember the days of Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, those stories that were filled with romance, intrigue, and timeless laughter? We need more of that in our lives today which are filled with tweeting, texting, tablets, and chats. Dialogue has changed and with it have went the subtleties in life that once comforted us. This is my endeavor. To find the things that wrap us up in a warm blanket and let us sip on a cup of coffee. I’m a new author out on the scene, and I’d like to hear your feedback. With your responses to my posts I hope to learn how to write in a way that will please my readers from the ‘true blue’ Cary Grant fans to new comers who haven’t yet seen or heard of such film stars. So what does romance mean to you? hepburn_span_583

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